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Im Baaack!

2009-05-26 16:26:58 by R3VI3W

Hey guys,

I took a long break from NG, but now I'm back and ready to review some ass.........You know......Yeah.

*Yawn* Boy am I tired

2008-12-26 23:17:08 by R3VI3W

Hey guys, I just saw a pretty cool trailer for an actual DVD called SSFL, Snow Snow For Lucy, by SpikeValentine, You should check it out, pretty dang funny.

My Birthday is almost here!

2008-11-15 08:29:50 by R3VI3W

WOOHOO! November 19th, can't wait. Yay, just coudnt help making a random post about it.


2008-10-30 21:54:31 by R3VI3W

It's that time of year again, Haloween.

Kids havin' fun,

Free Candy, and most of all NEWGROUNDS HALLOWEEN CONTENT!

Happy Halloween Peoples!

Newgrounds Halloween Content!

Im in a Happy Mood

2008-10-26 22:17:07 by R3VI3W

I dont even know, okay, I just dont know...

Zetvirus55 and REAVER

2008-09-17 10:10:54 by R3VI3W

My friend, Zetvirus55 is currently writing a novel called REAVER. From the things he's posted I think it would make an excellent book for fantasy and sci-fi readers. It should be out by Spring 2009, and I think that you guys should check it out.


I can't believe this name wasn't taken!

2008-09-14 12:27:53 by R3VI3W

I mean, seriously, R3VI3W?!?! I was half expecting a pop-up to show up saying that this name was taken, and the closest thing would be R3VI3W77777777777. But no, it says choose a password! Anyway, I'm not a master at flash (Im the farthest thing away from it...), and I can't make music for beans, why would I want beans anyway... But, I do have a talent in reviewing. My relative, Dj-Bert, makes music for Newgrounds, check that out, it's pretty cool. I'm so rediculesly new at Newgrounds (Oh the irony, New at Newgrounds). So I'll be looking for fans, frinds and any other positive things that end with the letter "F".


Link to my Relative: Dj-Bert